According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, in 2019, 32 percent of workers with a disability were employed part time, compared with 17 percent for those with no disability. Although it may seem like the numbers are in favor of non-disabled adults, these individuals were working part time because their hours had been reduced or they were not able to find a full-time job. 

The Zefer Foundation aims to not only improve employment conditions and opportunities for adults with disabilities by teaching and guiding business owners and industrious leaders, but to also provide jobs under the roof of our own businesses. 

In December 2017, Breaking Grounds Coffee & Cafe was opened in Mount Holly, New Jersey. Nestled on the corner of White Street in the Mill Race Village, our unique coffee shop has become the cornerstone of our mission. The success of this first business venture has laid the groundwork for our next location in Sewell, NJ at Rowan University's RISN Center in 2021. This next step is very exciting and we look forward to sharing more details as they come. 

In addition to Breaking Grounds, our board welcomes the opportunity to explore new ideas and collaborate with like-minded businesses.

Benefits of Retail Stores with Developmental Disabilities:

  • They will offer employment opportunities with competitive wages

  • They will improve feelings of well-being and self-esteem

  • They will provide opportunity that would otherwise not exist, expanding life experiences

  • They will provide participation in the community-engaging with others; being known

  • They will provide opportunities to make new friends and develop new and varied relationships

Benefits of Retail Stores for the Community:

  • They will provide the community with a richer, more diverse environment

  • They will provide the patrons with the satisfaction of supporting a business that provides valuable opportunity to an under served population

  • 70% of the employees will be residents of the community

  • They will provide After-School and Summer jobs to local High School students

  • They will promote kindness, acceptance and inclusion in the community

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To learn more about Breaking Grounds visit our website. If you or someone you know has an employment opportunity you'd like to explore with the Zefer Foundation, please send us an email.


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